Treatments and Services


Advanced Full Spine & Extremity Adjusting

Diagnosis and hands-on chiropractic adjustments for mobilizing joints to relieve nerve pressure, alleviate pain and restore normal function.

Flexion-Distraction for Disc Injuries 

Specialized mechanical traction table used to treat disc injuries by gently stretching the spine to decrease nerve pressure, while increasing disc space to alleviate pain.

Active Release Technique (ART) Soft Tissue Treatment

A cutting-edge soft tissue treatment used to address the muscle, ligament, tendon, fascia and nerve components of pain, commonly brought on by muscle over-use. Dr. Mikalaitis is the only chiropractor in Longmont certified in ART.

Physiotherapy & Massage

Therapeutic modalities to restore movement and function through muscle-stim, hydrocollator hot packs, trigger point and massage therapy. 

Cold Laser Therapy

Cutting-edge laser treatment which uses the application of infrared light to increase healing through cellular regeneration and tissue repair.

Exercise & Prevention

Stretching and strengthening programs tailored to optimize function and spinal stability to help prevent re-injury.

Posture Analysis

Detailed posture analysis and ergonomic counseling. Complimentary Scoliosis screenings and posture checks for children under 15.