I’ve been dealing with a chronic cough for nearly a decade now. I’ve been to many different doctors through the years from GPs, to allergists, to gastros. In all cases it’s always been medicine – allergy shots or proton-pump inhibitors. None fully worked or worked initially then not at all in the long run. Finally I was recommended to Dr Mikalaitis by a friend. He recommended I have an xray taken of my neck and it showed i had a very straight neck – the neck should have a bend to it. Dr. Mikalaitis explained that it could be pinched nerves causing the cough. I am not kidding when i say I saw improvements after the first adjustment. A month out and I’m no longer taking any medicine and the cough is gone. I cannot thank Dr. Mikalaitis enough for his help and curing me of my cough!
Travis O.

I have been going to align chiropractic for about 9 months now and have loved it. I play football, and I’m a wrestler. Both of those sports definitely throw my entire body out of place and being able to go in whenever is convenient for me is fantastic. There have been multiple occasions where I have showed up without an appointment and they still worked me into their schedule. Since the first day I met Dr.Mikalaitis he has greatly helped my athletic career, from simple spinal alignments to rock tape and therapeutic massagers to muscle stim. If you’re looking for a great Dr and a classy business I would refer you to Align Chiropractic.
Jamal M.

When a chiropractor can relieve intense sciatic pain in a single session, as Dr Mikalaitis just did for me, I have to sit up and take notice. At 68, I have used at least 8 different chiropractors, and I can say this man is the most precise and the most caring in how he works. I am truly impressed and plan to continue in his care, so as not to have to re-experience the intense pain that first brought me to his door.
Karen Z.

I had back pain since high school and it was only getting worse and since everything else I had tried failed, including physical therapy, I decided to give Dr. Mikalaitis a try. I grew up with the notion that chiropractic was unnecessary and didn’t think he could really help me. During my initial evaluation, I asked a lot of questions regarding the validity of chiropractic care and he was able to answer all my questions based on the science of the body. I started seeing Dr. Mikalaitis on a fairly regular basis and just last week I had been finishing up my Christmas shopping which ended up being a five-hour excursion!! I was laying in bed that night thinking about how tired my body was from the day and how sore my knees were from all the walking. I suddenly realized that my back didn’t hurt at all!! This was a first for me as normally after a day like that, I would have been downing the Advil bottle due to back pain. So, long story short, I have learned the validity of chiropractic care at a head/knowledge level, but more importantly, I have truly benefited from it on a physical, pain-free level!! Thank you Dr. Mikalaitis and his wonderful wife, Mercedes!!
Titia J.

Dr. Mikalaitis is the only chiropractor I will allow to adjust me. He is an excellent doctor. My back has never been as strong and as healthy as it is today. I fully trust his abilities with adjusting my back and neck regularly along with occasional adjustments to my extremities when needed. I also believe the cost is very fair for such excellent care.
Carolyn E.

Love, Love, Love Dr. Mikalaitis and Mercedes (his adorable wife that keeps everything scheduled, billed and organized). I have been to many chiropractors over the years and Dr. Mikalaitis is by far the best one. My son is 10 and he actually looks forward to being adjusted. I love that there is no pressure in coming in two-three times a week like some chiropractors do, he is comfortable letting me come in on an as needed basis. We live in Windsor and the 20-30 minute drive to Longmont is well worth it to us!!
Michelle R.

I started going to Align and they treat everyone with such respect. They are very professional and they really get to know you as a person. They are awesome and I would refer them to everyone!
Tarah D.

I have been receiving Chiropractic care for 12 years. I’ve seen many Chiropractors and Dr. Mikalaitis is by far one of the best. Dr Mikalaitis is a great listener. His only objective is to help you in any way that he can. He is truly a rare find. His attitude is awesome! He has more patience and knowledge than most. He is very easy to talk to. If you are looking for a Chiropractor who is compassionate and gives one heck of an adjustment than look no further. With so many Chiropractors out there I can say with absolute certainty that Dr. Mikalaitis is in a class of his own. I feel taken care of to the fullest extent. The doctor and staff will make you feel like family. I would recommend Dr. Mikalaitis to anyone who wants to have a positive experience with Chiropractic care..
Andrea F.

Dr. Mikalaitis is one of the kindest people I have ever met. No matter what is going on he will listen and take every step to try to help with what is wrong. I have always been very impressed and thankful for the time he takes to listen to every ache that I have. He additionally has the best staff, an amazing massage therapist, and a wonderful acupuncturist that share the office. I have repeatedly, and will continue to, recommend him!
Tanya A.

I’ve been meaning to write and let you know how well Dr. Kevin fixed my back a couple of weeks ago (but I’ve been busy moving). Anyway, I could barely walk on the Friday morning that I came to you for my second appointment, But, whatever you did nailed it! I spent all day Saturday moving furniture and boxes (I know, not the best thing to do the next day but I had no choice). I couldn’t have done it prior to my adjustment. More importantly, a few days later I was able to stand up straight and walk my daughter down the aisle for her Anchorage wedding (picture attached). You rock!
Lee C.

Dr. Mikalaitis helped me get my life back. I’ve made wonderful progress. After five years of suffering my pain is finally gone! I can garden again, steam clean my carpets and just function normally.
Janice E.

Knowing that chiropractic medicine can be riddled with “high-hype/low service” personalities, I dreaded trying to find a chiropractic doctor that was truly professional when I moved into the area. I was so very relieved and truly excited when I found Dr. Mikalaitis. He is the only chiropractor to ever completely eliminate the horrible headaches that I have suffered with for over 2 decades. That, in and of itself, would be enough to keep me as a long term patient. However, Dr. Mikalaitis has also relieved all my lower back and hip pain. Not a small feat since I have one broken vertebra and a spinal fusion as well. All of this was done in a very professional, compassionate and non-pushy manner. I was never bullied or tricked into doing more than I could afford. If you want a chiropractor that is knowledgeable, kind, and professional, I highly recommend Dr. Mikalaitis.
Julie K.

Dr. Mikalaitis removed pain in my neck, arms, and shoulder. I work at computers all day and always had trouble getting a comfortable ergonomic setup. Then I went to see Dr. Mikalaitis and he removed a whole raft of pain. His style is low-key and no-big-deal and I appreciated that he doesn’t push treatments. Rather he recommends a sensible course of treatment.”
Elaine L.

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